I started this journey a few years back and I am in love with how this is going.  Along the way I have become a Certified Crystal Healer and an Intuitive Life Coach.  Through my journey, I have had the honor of meeting and helping so many people! 

Crystal Healing is about discovering what chakras are open and which are blocked. Through the crystal healing sessions, we work together as a team to open and align your chakras.  When your chakras are open and aligned, most people find that their lives tend to run smoother.  I'm not saying that all that life can throw at us will stop but it has been my experience that it becomes less traumatic.  Each chakra has a color and crystal associated with it.  By using the associated crystals with each chakra, we are able to then help open and balance those chakras.

Intuitive Life Coaching is a way to learn more about yourself, the world around you and becoming more empowered in your journey of self-discovery.  During these sessions, we will discover what tools are best for you in your life with the help and guidance of your angels and spirit guides.  There is no set schedule for these sessions.  If you would only like one, that's ok.  If you would like to get together multiple times a week, that's ok too.  These Coaching Sessions are all about you!  Each session runs about an hour and you are able to book multiple hours at a time.  The only thing you need to bring to these sessions is an open heart and mind and the willingness to work to become the best you you can be and I already know you are!

This service can be in your home, my office or anywhere you feel comfortable.  We can also have our sessions over the phone. 

As with the crystal healing sessions, after check out please call me at 267-825-5040 or email me at jessica@justlivehappy.net so that we can schedule a time that works best for you.

Life Coaching Sessions can be done in my office, your home or over the phone, which ever is more convenient for you!